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Welcome to London Academy of Applied Technology

360 Degree Education

London Academy of Applied Technology (LAAT) opened gates as a digital e-learning technology education platform, offering a spectrum of technological courses from renowned universities in United Kingdom. LAAT operates as an international branch of the distinguished Atlas Group of Institutions and Colleges, which prides a rich heritage of scholastic excellence in the UAE.

Affiliated to prestigious universities of UK, LAAT offers a range of technological courses through this unique digital e-learning platform, designed by research team of scholars and industry experts with cutting-edge knowledge. Here the culture of education is supported by superior audio visual interactive screens, online-learning library resources, virtual classrooms, interactive whiteboards and artificial intelligence, delivering the most immersive e – learning experience in the market today 
“The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark.” Thomas Paine

About London Academy of Applied Technology

Why choose LAAT as your learning partner?

Our team at LAAT realises that students these days have many options when it comes to selecting their education provider, however LAAT has identified a niche in the market by creating an online learning platform with four awarding bodies to choose from.


Having 30+ years of experience in education &  20+ branches all over the world.


Having  four awarding bodies. Pearson, TQUK, Qualifi & IUFP and  5+ International Universities


LAAT academic decorum is the invaluable cultural richness of our veteran faculties who hail from across the globe.

Benefits of LAAT

Academic & Pastoral Support, Internship Support, Career Advice, Career Workshop,Learning Resource Centre, etc..

Our Programs



Duration : 18 Months
No. of Assignments: 18
Credits : 390
Top-Up : Anglia Ruskin University | University of Wolverhampton


Duration : 11 Months
No. of Assignments: 11
Credits : 180
Top-Up : Anglia Ruskin University | University of Wolverhampton


Duration : 29 Months
No. of Assignments: 29
Credits : 570
Top-Up : Anglia Ruskin University | University of Wolverhampton



Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5
Duration : 12 Months
No. of Assignments: 8 | 18 | 8 | 6
Credits : 60 |180 | 120 | 120
Certified By : Pearson | TQUK | IUFP


Duration : 36 Months
No. of Assignments: 20
Credits : 390
Top-Up : Anglia Ruskin University | University of Wolverhampton


Diploma In Education and Training
Duration : 9 Months
No. of Assignments: 7
Credits : 120
Certified By : Pearson | TQUK



Artificial Intelligence
Finance, Agriculture
Green Technology


Complete IELTS Preparation
Qualified Trainers
Mock examinations
Read effectively, Write effectively, Speak effectively, Listen accurately


Face to Face Classes in Newcastle College, UK
Railway saftety
Hand tools and equipment
Railway maintenance
Track geometry,Track inspections

Learning Management System

LAAT uses a state of the art Learning Management System which delivers, tracks and manages training and education. It tracks data about attendance, time on task, and student progress. Educators can post announcements, grade assignments, check on course activity, and participate in class discussions. Students can submit their work, read and respond to discussion questions, and take assignments. LMS allows teachers, administrators, students, and permitted parties to track various metrics. LMS range from systems for managing training and educational records to software for distributing courses over the Internet and offering features for online collaboration

High level of competence

Our experience will help you to fulfill your education dreams

LAAT has the ability to create bespoke online learning courses that best suit the need of the individual student. Due to the ability to create tailored online learning packages LAAT currently has one of the highest pass scoring rates of any online learning platform in the market at present.

Education service
22 years
higher education
13 years
british curriculum
16 years
Online services
3 years
LAAT- An International Education Brand

A Worldwide Network

NBSH New Broad Street House, 35 , Office No. 224, Liver Pool Street, Post Code EC2M 1NH, City of London – UK , Call: +44 7459 268036

Near Ajman University of Science and Technology | Street No. 92 |Al Jerf 1 | Ajman | United Arab Emirates , Call: +971 506130710 , +971 67441122

Inkel Greens educity| Oorakam | Melmuri(P.O) | Karathode |Malappuram|Kerala | India

Naval Anchorage, Islamabad

Mission, Vision and Values

“Aspire and Accomplish”

We are a cosmopolite educational system at the heart of an ambitious world.

LAAT core value endorses students full and equal participation in our e-learning platform, regardless of racial and ethnic background, socio-economic status and disabilities.

Collaborative multidisciplinary education between our scholars and students is an integral aspect of our educational landscape, which makes our mission a shared vision. Our program and course portfolios are designed by an expert research team with a wealth of experience from both academics and industry. By learning alongside researchers who are connoisseurs in their fields, our students optimize their practical, intellectual, critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills to tackle this century’s most demanding challenges.

Building the career pathway for our rising generation we promote internship programs during the student’s academic tenure, to escalate them to a higher level of scholastic and professional excellence. Our innovative partnerships with business start ups and high-flier companies provides our students a broadband of globalised career opportunities in their own communities. Our vision of universal harmony is actualized by our contribution of a virtuous rising generation geared with top notch academic excellence.

With our culture of education embedded in world class research, technology laced education and dedicated social responsibility towards the nation, LAAT is proud to invest in the intellectual talent of the brilliant rising generation who foresee breakthrough inventions and discoveries in their specific fields.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

Need professional educational consultation?

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Meet our Educational specialists

Our experts can change your Education Dreams!

We have 100+ experienced  teaching experts who are using modern and advanced set of education tools for the online classes

Peter is an experienced and passionate professional in the education and training sector and has worked as Ofsted Inspector in UK for many years. Peter brings his unique experience and talents to LAAT and students will have access to Peter’s experience through online mentoring and coaching sessions. Peter believes that higher education is for the masses and that it should not be restricted to one’s social class or profession.

Peter Bowyer

Ofsted Inspector in UK

SARDORBEK ABDURAKHMANOV is a pioneer in Accounting sector with BSc (Hons) in Finance and Accounting from Angelia Ruskin University. He holds a vast experience of working as a Assistant Manager in Evolve Hospitality Agency (London). He is well qualified Financial professional who can be a valuable asset to any company.

Sardorbex Abdurakhmanov

Finance and Accounting

Lydia is an experienced Lecturer and teacher that also possesses an ESOL teaching qualification and with nearly 15 years teaching experience under her belt. Lydia continually strives to keep updated with all the advancements in the lifelong learning sector.She is qualified in Internal Quality Assurance as well as possessing a qualification in Educational Leadership and Management.

Lydia Mireku

ESOL Qualified teacher



  • Extremely Price Competitive
  • Clear progression route.
  • Unique Assessment Tool.
  • Purpose built online resources.
  • 24/7 student networking platform.
  • Bespoke tailored learning packages available.


Assured Result

  • Professional industry recognized accreditation.
  • Turn work experience into formal qualifications.
  • Virtual Study guide.
  • Establish your Portfolio.
  • Unique mentoring approach available.


Dedicated & Customized Learning Resources

  • Interactive resources.
  • Mobile qualification.
  • Interactive online learning and teaching
  • Fast track accredited programs available.
  • Assignment based learning.


20+ Years
in Education

  • Career growth possibilities.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • International work travel and Visa options available after accreditation has been achieved.
  • Unique LMS which delivers, tracks and manages training and education.

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Academic Counselor

A dedicated academic counselor will give you ample of support and guidance with your online studies

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3 easy steps to start your course:

Register with LAAT Website

You can select a course from LAAT website & Register for the same!

Payment after approval

Our academic specialist will check and approve the registration. After approval you can make the payment online.

Login to the world of knowledge!

After the payment you will get a username and password for the e-learning platform.


What if I have never taken an online course?

Provides our students with a one stop shop in relation to our online learning portal with pre – recorded sessions, online learning tools and mentoring options available. Most of our students are surprised at how much easier and quicker it is to achieve their desired qualifications by using LAAT.

Advice on how to succeed using LAAT Online Learning Platform?

Set clear learning objectives and consistently revert to your main goal to ensure that you are still on track. Plan the content effectively. Have regular assessments and feedback using online mentoring facilities available. Treat your study like a job. Have dedicated study blocks. Limit social media.

Are flexible payment options available?

At LAAT the single most important part of our online platform community is that we believe all students have the right to a first-class education and that is why we offer numerous payment options/plans. Why not set up a call today with one of our professional consultants who will gladly discuss all your options.

Can I study at my own pace using LAAT online Platform?

One of the main advantages of the LAAT platform is that you can study at your own pace. As a student however you will have certain deadlines that will have to be met to ensure you receive your accreditation within the allotted time frame.

Will students online portal work 24/7?

You will have access to an online mentor as well as access to our 24/7 student networking resource tool so you can be updated with what is working well for other online students. This resource is a great option in relation to establishing future career opportunities.

How LAAT differ from other online platforms?

Having 30+ years of experience in education, 20+ branches all over the world, 100+ teaching experts , perfect teaching tools , 100% online, International valid certificate and more than thousands of accepted universities all over the world.

I have completed my degree program with LAAT and currently doing my masters top up . The fact that I can work and study at the same time because of the flexibility in timings has been the biggest advantage for me

Shania fegan

The LMS at LAAT is a very convenient , easy to use platform. All my course resources were available at the fingertips. I did my diploma  just a short period of time and the overall experience has been great.

alameen hassan

Thank you LAAT. You allowed me to complete my MBA at a fraction of the cost. I had contemplated doing an MBA for years but could not simply afford it. So happy I chose LAAT as my online learning platform

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35 New broad Street, Office No. 224 Liver Pool Street Post EC2M 1NH City of London – UK

Near Ajman University of Science and Technology | Street No. 92 |Al Jerf 1 | Ajman | UAE