Why having a qualification to your name is more important ?

In the ever changing business and corporate world it was always considered relatively important but not essential to have a qualification to your name,  this ideology was at its apex during the 80’s, 90’s and early noughties due to the media and in particular motion picture movies glorifying the ‘’self-made’’ CEO that had risen from the ground floor in the company all the way up to the Executive suite.  Movies such as Wall street, The Wolf of Wall street were prime examples of this culture.

In other words what was seen as the American dream or the ‘’ rags to riches story’’. In fact, critics of degrees and MBA’s in the corporate world routinely questioned the expense and relevancy of these qualifications in the ever-changing world of business right up until the last global recession which begun in 2007.

In popular culture you only must look at successful entrepreneurs such as Bill Cullen, Alan Sugar, Grant Cardone, Bill Mc Dermott and Steve Jobs to name a few that have all risen to the top without a formal education qualification.

While it will always be the case that if you are willing to work hard enough and do whatever it takes then you can certainly make it to the top of the corporate ladder, however there is a very big caveat and that is while the ‘’self-made’’ CEO’s  may not have attended University as a young adult their thirst for learning never ceased.  

They addressed their lack of a formal education either by attending night classes and seminars as well as seeking out the very best mentors and captains of industry that were available to them throughout their respective careers. In fact, many CEO’s also give great credit to both Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey and Jack Welsh’s many teachings/seminars and great publications that played a vital role in them maturing into the leaders and CEO’s that they are today.