How to earn a qualification more affordable?

Another obstacle is that individuals may have a family to support and need to start generating income immediately after they finish high school.

The good news is that with the sudden and ever-increasing demands for online learning platforms, education is becoming more affordable and more accessible to the masses, with many flexible payment options available.

This is good news for the business and corporate sectors and in fact many companies are signing their employees up to Online learning platforms to increase their skill set which will ultimately increase employee satisfaction and having the added benefit of increasing revenue for the companies that employ them.

As a conclusion, success can be achieved in many ways and a degree or MBA certainly gives you an advantage, but only if it is going to be coupled with hard work and determination. That been said having any advantage in your career is a worthwhile exercise and any individual that can achieve a degree or MBA and continually maximise all their other attributes will surely have a bright career path ahead of them. As the saying goes ‘’ The more I practise, the luckier I become’’

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