Subject Details (3 Core Subjects + 3 Elective Subjects)

  1. Core Subjects :- Academic English,  Study Skills & IT Applications
  2. Elective Subjects:-Accounting Biology ,Business Studies, Chemistry ,Computing ,Economics,Government and Politics Law ,Mathematics, Physics, Psychology ,Sociology.

When the Examinations held?

  • Examinations are held twice a year in June and December


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IUFP offers students a fast track alternative to GCE A levels/Senior Secondary/12th Grade and an entry route to prestigious Universities for degree courses.

IUFP is a Nine months full-time pre-degree course, which offers students an alternative entry route to leading Universities in 5 Continents(Africa, Australia, Middle-East, North-America and Europe) for degree courses. The programme is aimed at international students, seeking direct admittance at leading Universities without the need to undertake a two year GCE ‘A’ Level course. The course is designed to be completed over a period of one year (actually nine months), though students enrolled on the Intensive Scheme can complete their course in six months (usually between January and June).

The programme is aimed at International students seeking admittance into Universities after one year of study as well as students based in the United Kingdom. At the moment, students successfully completing the IUFP can progress to degree courses at Universities that have signed Progression Agreements with London College of Business and Law (LCBL) or indicated through formal correspondence that they will consider IUFP applicants for admission to undertake specific courses, or in other cases have informally recognised the IUFP by agreeing to consider applicants on a case-by-case basis.

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